Other Photo memories


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This page is an experiment to see whether we can readily link members to many of the photos we have stored "in the clouds".  We would appreciate comments on how easy this page is to use.   DAW/SH


Cameri 1980   This Tiger Meet has some very mixed memories for a number of Tigers and others; not least of whom were a number of French fishermen who nearly ended up in a river.  But then that is another story…………

Photos used for this test include a Puma enroute,  somewhere in France,  aircrew gathering,  during the meet as well as the  usual suspects,  watching the obligatory air display.  There is also one of the Navy holding the stage,  and finally the Dinner at the officers Club   before, and after, .     I have very emotional memories of this Tiger Meet –  memories that I might some day reveal…….might!  DAW