2016 Old Tigers Weekend

From:  Tiger 'Don'


"As promised in my last NewsNote, here are the details for the Seniors Tiger Weekend at Zaragosa, 20-22 May. Hopefully many of you guys have already booked hotels and flights. Kindly complete the attached form to register for this really nice privilege and send to:  NTM16SOCIAL@mde.es .  (Host Projo is Lt. Julián Alcalá.) 

If you're coming as a gang, a multiple-name form with all the names/details will suffice. If you plan on a rental car just enter Rental-UKN in column H. In the column A put something short, like: "31 Sqn, '79-'92". Be sure to include Doc (Doc Kauschman – docthetiger@aol.com) and myself  (dverhees@hotmail.com)  in CC for your registration responses.

The program will be pretty much the same as in previous years: Plan to arrive at the base if you can on the Friday afternoon and with your ID card you will be granted base access. If you arrive in a rental car they will take that data as well. You can then visit the NTM areas and sit in on debriefs if space permits. When appropriate we all leave in the early evening to change clothes for the formal dinner (Tuxedo, Mess Dress, or dark suit). Times/location/transport options will be available after you arrive. Friday's formal dinner will cost around 45 euros. NOTE: there just MIGHT be a limit placed on the numbers for the formal dinner, so it will then be first come-first served. The hosts assure me they will do their very best to insure space for all. Problem is they might not know beforehand due to the ever-changing sizes of the participant units. 

Saturday is a base airshow day. The cost of food and drink will not be more than 20 euros (but more if you drink the whole barrel). Saturday night is a free night for all tigers. The hosts will propose some cool meeting points in town. Tiger Games will be on base on Sunday. For Saturday and Sunday (don't forget your badges) come and go as you want.

So there it is, talk it up!!  It's gonna be great.

Cheers, Don    T3"