Tigers’ Tails!

“Well, there I was………”!

Tigers’ Tails or “War” Stories.

This section has been started as a result of a ‘session’ during a past Reunion where members were recounting some of their ‘Adventures’ during their time on 230 Squadron. Those present felt that it was right to record some of those stories and incidents, the recollections of which might not have been retained in the ‘Official records’ but which, nevertheless, gave colour to the bare bones of Sqn history.

Any members who have a story that they think is worthy of passing on (names will be obscured to protect the innocent if needs be) are invited to send them to the ‘Webmaster’ for inclusion on this page.

Stories gathered so far:

There and back again (Cyprus detachment) – Roger Wain

Tales from the Sunderland Wardroom – Philip  “Happy” Adams

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